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Best Beaches in Dalyan

There are many beautiful beaches in Dalyan, especially the famous Iztuzu beach. You can spend the pleasant time in the restaurants, cafes, along with your beach pleasure. Having a great day at Dalyan beaches is one of the best things to do in Dalyan.

You can enjoy a variety of water sports activities on the beaches in Dalyan or enjoy the sun. Located in Dalyan, Iztuzu Beach, Aşı Bay, Ekincik Bay, offers perfect sea and nature for the traveler.

Best Beaches in Dalyan

Iztuzu Beach

Natural wonder Iztuzu Beach is 5,400 meters long from the edge of Radar hill to Dalyan Bosphorus. The beach is very suitable for Caretta Carettas leaving their eggs in this fine sandy beach. You can go to the west side of the beach by boat, the east side is going by road. Both sides have different features.

The name of the west side is Dalyanagzi Beach. Iztuzu Beach is on the land side. The central part of the beach with 2 beach facilities is waiting for you in its natural state. You can not take advantage of this beach from 20.00 to 08.00am in the evening from May to September because the sea turtles of the Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead) leave eggs on this beach. Beach nights are left to turtles and guardians.

The story of Iztuzu Beach?

The Dalaman Stream is in the ancient times that have flowed from Ortaca and Dalyan.
Today the majority of Ortaca and Dalyan’s Arıkbaşı Quarter are completely covered with sand and pebbles carried by the Dalaman Stream.
We know that the southwest part of Anatolia was badly affected by the great Rhodes earthquake in 226 BC or 227 BC. This earthquake changed the bed of Dalaman Stream.

This event created the miracle of Iztuzu. Without the Dalaman Stream, this time the drifting of the sand has reversed. The waves have begun to drift into the sand. The rocks in front of the Iztuzu Beach accumulate in the current location of the sand because of the speed of the waves. Thin gold whirlpool sand. They have kept gathering. One day they gathered together without knowing they would be home to Caretta Carettalar’s eggs.
A magnificent beach on one side with a salty Mediterranean and fresh water on the other …

Today Iztuzu Beach, which offers the most pleasant opportunities to enter the sea, has the only buffet, buffet cabins, toilets, health cabin to meet the needs of the guests.

West Side: Dalyanağzı Beach

After your movement from the Dalyan pier, you can reach Dalyanağzı Beach with a very pleasant journey in 30-40 minutes depending on the boat speed. Dalyan is actually very close to the sea, but it takes so long to get to the beach because the canals go around.

The boat first crosses the rock tombs. The delta starts from where the buildings of Dalyan are finished. By following the main channel, the door to reach the fish to escape to the sea is reached. As you pass through the door you pass through the door, then you fall into a full maze. It is not possible for the unknown to find his way.

At the end of this labyrinth, you will see Dalyanagzı beach. One side of the beach is fresh water on the other side is the salty Mediterranean. It’s up to you now. Whether in salt water or fresh water!

Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum, such as the surrounding tourist attractions in the daily tours of those who are using this beach. Therefore, there is intensity from time to time. You are looking at the beach is very crowded, after a few hours very few people are left! If you do not like the crowd, you just have to go a little further than the sun loungers.

The coast is quite shallow. After 40-50 steps, the water reaches the human neck. Often the sea is like a bed-sheet until lunchtime, and then it gets wavy after.

East Side: Iztuzu Beach

You can go to Iztuzu Beach by land. Whether you want a private car, you can go to Dalyan center in 15 minutes with minibusses.

Although the Iztuzu beach does look very close to Dalyan, the beach needs to go by 12 km. Because it is impossible to go directly to the beach because of the circles and reeds.

Do not be afraid of 12 kilometers. It is such a beautiful journey that it is like living 4 seasons in Anatolia! Cotton fields, lakes, forests and spectacular scenery.

At the end of the journey, you will arrive at Iztuzu beach with its magnificent nature and unique beauty.

Aşı Beach

Aşı beach is one of Muğla’s untouched beaches. The cove is 20 meters deep and is an amazing place for divers. It is also possible to find caretta carettas at the beach where some fishes are located.

Where is it?

Aşı Beach is located in the district of Ortaca in Muğla. Situated between Iztuzu and Sarıgerme, the beach covers an area of 10 hectares. It is 20 kilometers from Dalyan and 14 kilometers from Sarigerme.

How to go?

In order to go to Aşı beach, you have to go from Ortaca to Dalyan for about 20 minutes and 14 km from Sarigerme. You can reach the Aşı Beach in the distance via the dirty Ovacik road. If you follow this road, you will pass through you will come to the Aşı Beach a magnificent view with the view of the Dalyan Delta. You can go also Aşı Beach from Dalyan and Marmaris with daily boat tours.

Ekincik Beach

The village of Ekincik, located on the Mediterranean coast, is one of the most convenient places for water surfing, water skiing and swimming with its long beach, delightful bay and yacht harbor.

Ekincik Bay, which is one of the most preferred points of the boats from Marmaris and Gocek.

If you want to go Ekincik by road you travel from Koycegiz to Hamitköy view of orange gardens and beautiful view of the lake.

Why go there?

Beautiful sea, lush nature, proximity to tourist centers like Marmaris – Dalyan – Köyceğiz, paradise for those who want to spend a quiet holiday with ease of transportation. It’s like a magic place.

Bacardi Cove

Bacardi Cove, which is called “Kara Saleih” by local people and officially “Kargicak”, enters the sea without being disturbed in Dalyan; one of the virgin places you can sunbathe. Since there is no way for vehicles to pass, the bay, where you can only reach the pedestrians, has a 200-foot-tall sand-covered sand almost gravel-sized. The sea of sheep that is on the left of İztuzu Beach can sometimes be fluctuating.

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