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Published on: Attractions&Sights

Shopping at Dalyan

The address of calm and peacefulness in Dalyan are fresh and delicious local products in the meantime. The first address we offer to shop in Dalyan is Dalyan Çarşı. You can enjoy shopping at shops that are open until late in the evening, when you are tired you can give tea in the cafes.

In side-by-side shops clothes, jewelry, bags, ornamental objects and ceramic objects, you can get a gift for your loved ones. Dalyan’s caretta caretta figurative objects It is famous. If you want to add a different atmosphere to your house and keep souvenirs from Dalyan, you can find all kinds of objects in the shops.

When you visit Dalyan, we advise you to leave the market exchange. Every Saturday Enjoy the fruits and vegetables cut off from the branches in the district market established in Dalyan you can take it from colorful spices and add flavor to your meals. Carefully collected healing dumps herbs will disappear everywhere in the Dalyan market.

Dried or fresh you can choose what you like from the pasta, natural products such as village cheese, butter, tomato paste, yoghurt you can buy it at prices. If you like to have breakfast with jam in the morning Dalyan you can find delicious homemade jams together in your market, you can get your friends. Another famous market place is Koycegiz folk market.

The folk market, which is established every month in Koycegiz, is very popular especially in summer It sees. Enjoy shopping in Koycegiz market as well as herb cheese observations
you can look, you can refresh your room with plenty of foamy ayran. Dalyan is very nice It is delicious. When you come to the bazaar you should try to get plenty of pomegranate and even pomegranate juice.