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Published on: Dalyan

Dalyan Night Life

There is no active nightlife in Dalyan, which is the best choice for looking for a quiet and peaceful environment. People who like to be nested with nature and who are stunned by the noise of the city
Dalyan is the preferred leisure entertainment is passing by. However, there are also places where you can socialize and listen to music.

Dalyan Bars Street is the favorite address for those who want to add fun for summer evenings. Dalyan’s oldest bar  is the Jazz Bar, you can talk to your friends with live music, you can enjoy music as much as you like.

Tintin Bar opposite the dock is live music another place you can listen to. Club Sweet is often preferred by young people for club music.

Looking for a place where you can dance first light of the morning, you can choose Green Bar.

If you want to sing in Karaoke bars in Dalyan, you can show your performance and enjoy the entertainment especially in karaoke bars that foreign tourists visit.

To sip your drink in the accompaniment of a stylish dinner in Dalyan and to have a long time with your friends
If you want to chat, you can choose Casa Nova Restaurant. With a wonderful view, the prominent venue is also quite assertive with seafood.

If you want to enjoy the taste of raki-fish. You can visit the Gel-Gor Fish Restaurant or you can drink your wine at Mai Steakhouse.

If you want to have a peaceful evening, you can drink your tea at the riverside and take a walk.

If you want an unforgettable night in Dalyan we recommend you to join the moonlight tour for the evening. It’s moving at 19.00 clock.
In moonlight tour, you can witness the spectacular sunrise with the boat first, the nighttime with the pleasure of the barbecue and you can watch the stars.