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Published on: Dalyan

Entry Requirements

e-Visa is a permit which gives access to Turkey.

The visas given by our representatives constitute an alternative to the visas given at border crossings.

Applicants can obtain e-Visas by providing necessary information and paying e-Visa fee payments by credit card or debit card.

Upon successful completion of the application, the link for downloading e-VISION will be presented both at the final phase of the application and at the applicant’s e-mail address. Passport control officers at border gates are able to check e-Visa information from their own systems. However, it is advisable to keep the users e-VISIBLE on their side, either printed or digitally (tablet computer, smartphone etc.), in case the system goes offline.

E-tourist visa to Turkey or non-commercial purposes (work, student visas, etc.) does not apply to journeys to be made. Such visa applications must be made through our foreign representatives.

As in all visas, e-Visa Turkish authorities have reserved the right not to allow a person to enter Turkey without specifying why.

Benefits of E-Visa

You can get to easily from anywhere where there is access to the Internet through e-Visa Representation of the Republic of Turkey to ask for a visa or border crossing and waiting as possible so that you can enter Turkey.

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