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Published on: Attractions&Sights

Festivals in Dalyan

Festivals in Dalyan

After enjoying the nature in Dalyan, the festivals that correspond to your travel you can experience fun, moments. When you drop in Dalyan in the region to participate in the traditional entertainments of the inhabitants and to enjoy the enthusiastic moments with them we recommend you to note these events.

Dalyan Mullet Festival In Dalyan, the second time this year the Kefal Fish Festival is held in Dalyan, winter tourism Dalyan mullet is being promoted with the aim of being mobilized. Fishing contests, the participant in the festival, where various shows and concerts are held, distributed.

Dalyan Mullet Festival

Dalyan Mullet Festival is held in December. Caretta Caretta Culture and Tourism Festival. The festival is held for six days each year in the first week of June and the last week of June. At the festival, which begins with the march of Kortej exhibitions, concerts, folk dances and theater shows. Local specialties mud is selected every year at the festival where the tastes were made.

Ortaca Agriculture, Environment and Tourism Festival

Ortaca Agriculture, Environment and Tourism Festival It is aimed to promote Ortaca in the festival, which is held every year between 6 – 13 May. During the festival, eight days can be enjoyed with concerts by renowned artists, can participate in organized competitions and enjoy the delicious products you can get a chance to try.