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Mediterranean climate is dominant in Dalyan, which is located in a temperate climate zone. The winters are warm and rainy and summers are hot and dry. In Dalyan, the large part of the year is sunny, the annual temperature average is 18 degrees. The maximum rainfall observed in December and the driest month is August. With an average temperature of 27 degrees, the hottest month of July, with an average of 10 degrees, is the coldest month in January.

In Dalyan, which is among the places to visit during all four seasons, the winter months pass between 13 – 17 degrees and the temperature is 37 degrees in summer. Thanks to the breeze blowing from the sea, the summer months are not overwhelming and the humidity is low.

The sea season, which opened in April, continues until mid-November. If you go to Dalyan which is famous with Iztuzu Beach in the summer months, you can enjoy the sea and have a chance to visit different villages. You can get a different experience if your travels coincide with this turnaround, as the Caretta carettas spawning season is between June and July. In the spring and winter months you can walk in the warm weather of Dalyan, sit in tea gardens, read your book, spend a few days away from the noise and the human crowd.