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Ancient City of Kaunos(Caunos)

The Ancient City Caunos (Kaunos) within the boundaries of the Koycegiz district is one of the most important port cities of the commercial region in the Ancient Age, but over time it has lost this feature. The ancient city of Caunos was known as “Kbid” until the 4th century BC, but it began to be called “Caunos” in the 6th
century BC.

The greatest feature of Dalyan Caunos Ancient City is that it has rock tombs. The rock tombs were
built in the 4th century BC and were also used in the Roman period. The ancient city of Caunos was
founded in 1842 by the British archaeologist Hoskyn.

Excavations in the city first started in 1966. There are castles, city walls, city walls, churches, theaters, agora, fountains, temples, harbors and cemeteries in Dalyan Caunos Ancient City. Numerous sculptures, coins, ornaments and figurines were excavated as a result of excavations at Caunos. Boat tours departing Dalyan from Caunos Ancient City and the boats in the Dalyan Bosphorus are provided. If you are interested in historical sites, we suggest you visit the ancient city of Caunos.