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Published on: Dalyan

Best Ways to Get from Dalaman Airport to Dalyan

There may be many reasons for traveling Dalyan. 3000-year-old impressive rock tombs in Caunos, magnificent Iztuzu Beach and Dalyan river.

With its magnificent nature and beaches, Dalyan is one of the must-see places in the Mugla region. If you are planning a trip to Dalyan, you are probably wondering how to get Dalyan from Dalaman Airport.

Transportation from Dalaman Aiport to Dalyan

Dalaman Airport has become the first stop on your way to many resorts. If you are going to prefer the airway to reach Dalyan, your address must be Dalaman. The fact that many provinces of Turkey from air flights, be especially increasing the number of summers, making it an attractive spot for the transportation Dalyan Dalaman. Moreover, there is only a distance of 28 km between them, which means you are 20 minutes away from Dalyan.

Transportation by Taxi

Taxi is the easiest way to get to Dalaman Airport from Dalyan. However, you should contact the hotel in advance. There may be transfer services from the airport to your hotel.

Transportation by Aiport Transfer

Airport transfers and airport shuttles from Dalaman Airport to Dalyan city centre are only 40 kilometers or 20 minutes, making it the ideal choice for a summer break. Airport transfer option is the very good choice to get from Dalaman airport to Dalyan.


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Quick Tips& Guidelines

Get Turkish Liras – We recommend you to take Turkish Liras (TL) with you before your flight to Turkey. If you don’t have Turkish liras on you when you land to Turkey, use one of the many ATMs inside the airport to withdraw some cash money.

Write Your Hotel Address – We recommend you to make sure that you write down or print out the exact address of your hotel as well as with its telephone number. Dalaman region hosts uncountable number of hotels that even locals may get confused with them. And if you need help, than you may hand over your accommodation details.