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Dalyan Mud Baths & Springs

Dalyan Mud Baths are one of the most popular activities in Dalyan. Mud Bath is a fun activity, especially for tourists. If you are involved in one of the boat tours from the center of Dalyan, you will visit the mud baths because the boat tours are on the sightseeing routes.

Dalyan mud bath is said to be good for rheumatism, lower back pain, and sciatica. Also, sulfur in the mud bath is effective against the wrinkles and stretching your skin. For this reason, Dalyan mud bath, beauty mud or beauty bath is also called. According to the rumors, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra also made a mud bath in Dalyan and even owed its beauty to these baths.

Dalyan Mud Baths Information

Even if you pay a fee to the tours, you have to pay an extra 6 Turkish Lira at the entrance of mud baths.

After entering the facility, you enter the pool where there are natural muds. After entering the pool because of the amount of sulfur inside the pool, it’s beginning to smell like rotten eggs. By removing some amount of mud from the bottom, such as cream, you should not leave a gap on you. After you have found your place in the mud, including your face, you should rest yourself in the sun for a while, you should let the mud dry on.

You feel that your muddy body you are releasing to the sun begins to stretch slowly. After about 30 to 40 minutes, you arrive at the shower room where you can reach the staircase and take a shower under the flowing cold water. After being washed thoroughly, enter the pool where the thermal water pool is located. Thermal water having a temperature of 39 degrees; having sulfur, fluoride and radioactive gases. Therefore, thermal waters; from rheumatism to nervous diseases, joint and lime disorders, kidney diseases are said to be good for many diseases.

Alternative Hot Springs in Dalyan

In addition to these mud baths in Dalyan, hot springs are extremely important and touristic. The names of these hot springs are as follows: Ali Riza Cavus Girmesi (Dalyan Mud Bath), Sultaniye Hot Springs, Delibey Girmesi and Gel Girme Hot Springs.

Rıza Cavus Girmesi

If you don’t like the crowd, you have a second alternative. The area on the left side and the name of Riza Cavus Girmesi, is the place where muds are preferred by the local people.

Since there is no facility, in the area preferred by very few people, you can take the mud out of the rocks where the hot spring water is mixed with the lake water. You’ll have a more comfortable time, but don’t forget that you will need to enter the Dalyan canal as you will need to take a shower afterward.

Gelgirme Hot Springs

The place called Gelgirme Hot Spring is a reorganized region in the 90s. This region is known as “Beauty Mud”. Hot water comes from 2 points in Gelgirme Thermal Spring. One of these water places is in the form of a mud bath and the other is a small pool with a flow rate of 20 liters. After cleaning the mud, you can enter the other hot spring pools.

Sultaniye Hot Springs

Another mud site, which is visited by boats from Dalyan, is the Sultaniye Thermal Resort located in Sultaniye in the southwest of Koyceğiz Lake. You can ask your captain to take you here. It should be noted that even after hours of entering and exiting the mud bath, the smell of sulfur will not come out of you. It is useful, but it is likely that you will spread a bit of sulfur in your surroundings in the places you enter.

How to go to Dalyan Mud Bath?

The easiest access to Dalyan mud baths is through boats departing from the port of Dalyan. If you decide to go to the mud baths, you can book a day with the boat operators in the harbor.