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Published on: Place to Visit

The Most Beautiful Sunset at Dalyan: Sulungur Lake

Sulungur Lake is one of the most important places to be seen in Dalyan. Sulungur Lake, which is 5 km away from Dalyan, is coming out against the road of İztuzu Beach by road. The Sulungur Lake, which is 2 km long, has a width of 1.5 km and a depth of 10 m. The area around the lake is covered with reeds and lush trees. The Sulungur Lake, which shines among the mountains, reveals the magnificent harmony of blue and green.

Lake Sulungur is a frequent destination for photographers. You can catch unique photo frames especially close to the sunset. Lake Sulungur is fed from falling rains and underground waters in the winter months. The lake is closed to public use because it is used by fish cooperative to breed sea bass and bream. There are restaurants and cafés by the lake. You can also enjoy local specialties and enjoy the magnificent nature of Lake Sulungur.