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Miracle of Nature: Yuvarlak Cay

Yuvarlak Cay is a small stop on the way to Koycegiz Lake. It is formed from Topgozu Canyon and poured into Koycegiz Lake.

It’s been observed for some time now that there is a decrease in the amount of water carried by dams during the summer period. It has been found, for example, that the source water is at first-class quality based on an analysis of how polluted it is at various stations.

Yuvarlak Cay

Sandra, the tallest mountain in the Mugla region, is 2294 meters high. There are two “heaven” in the foothills of Sandra which are hidden.

Topgozu Canyon is 400 meters deep, the citrus store in summer, Yuvarlak cay, which supplies water to the plain, is covered with lush vegetation and pure air contributes to human health and fitness.

The snow-laden waters that come out of the rocks and into the sunlight turn into an uncomfortable waterfall. It’s difficult to find another word for it, it’s just a miracle of nature with its rug, broad, canyon, and waterfall.

yuvarlak cay waterfall

Topgozu Canyon: The distance between the canyon is 400 meters and the depth is 300 meters.

Among the rocks, the water that comes to daylight brings water here to the waterfall. In April-May, the hard granite rocks bubbling into the gushing waters were as smooth as polished from the stream.

The waters coming from the bottom of the stone in the Cayhisar region form Round Yuvarlak Cay and in the summer the irrigated oasis is a citrus storehouse.

Dalyan, Yuvarlakcay has more than 20 restaurants around it, which is a bit more crowded on weekends.

You can taste as many delicious dishes as you can from fish, roast, and yogurt (potatoes, eggplant, pepper fries) in the afternoon and evening hours at these restaurants where breakfast is served from morning until noon.

You might not want to jump into the frigid water after your meal so many times because the water is about 6°.

For this reason, it is easiest to jump into a place rather than slowly entering the water with a ladder.

When you jump into the water you turn out to be in your mind and go out or even want to escape, you have to step into the staircase and go back to the water. If you come here, do not go back to the water.

Facilities have also built wooden swings on Yuvarlak cay to make this jump more fun. Those who wish to jump into the water with their wishes swinging are only swinging on the water and taking photographs.